Educating the future
Educating the future

Thank you for visiting the Children of Kibera Foundation website

We are pleased to announce that the Children of Kibera Foundation has joined the Kenya Education Fund.

Effective immediately, the Children of Kibera Foundation (CoKF) will be known as the Kenya Education Fund (KEF). We will operate as a single organization, dedicated to providing disadvantaged students in Kenya, and their schools, with support and educational resources so that they may improve their communities and break the cycle of poverty in Kenya. By supporting the KEF, you can help us continue to provide life-changing educational opportunities for children and families in Kibera.

Together we will:

  • Continue all Red Rose School and high school scholarships started by CoKF. This includes any personal support for an individual student or students; these scholarship arrangements will not change;
  • Continue LitWorld classes, camps, and workshops that promote important literacy skills among primary school students in Kibera;
  • Provide all scholars with mentoring and career readiness workshops;
  • Ensure that many more deserving students from Kibera receive educational scholarships;
  • Continue to offer opportunities to provide tax deductible gifts to the Kenya Education Fund, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Your ongoing support is crucial during this time of transition. Our combined Kenya Education Fund organization will be supporting more than 650 students on scholarships in Kibera and across Kenya. We cannot do it without you.

Please click here to proceed to the Kenya Education Fund website.